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1.7. Uninstalling DX

Description:  Completely remove DeployExpert components, including all files, all SMP integrated functions, and the DeployExpert database.


Environment: SMP 7.1


DX version:1.x, 2.x, 3.0



In order to uninstall DeployExpert, first enable the Altrinsic Deployment Site Server Components - Uninstall for all task servers in the environment.  Ensure that the task servers have removed this component before continuing with the DeployExpert uninstallation.

To remove DX, run the DeployExpert.exe installer program that originally installed the solution.  Re-opening the installer will provide the Option to Add/Remove components, Repair, or Uninstall.  To uninstall a single component, select Add/Remove Components and uncheck the component to be removed.

To uninstall all of DX, select uninstall.  There will be a checkbox to remove the DX database or not.  If the database is removed, it is permanent and all DX data will be removed with the solution.  

Once DX is fully uninstalled, all files associated should be gone with the exception of the DX driver repository.  To remove that, simple browse  to the UNC path and remove the driver files.

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