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1.5. Upgrading DX

Description:  Upgrading to the newest version of DX from an older version


Environment:  SMP 7.1


DX version: 2.x, 3.0



To Upgrade DX to a newer version, begin by downloading the newest version from the Altrinsic Solutions website. Login or register for a new account and select "Download DX for Symantec SMP." Once downloaded, extract the files locally to the DX server and run the "DeployExpert.exe." Do not uninstall the old version of  DeployExpert. The installer will detect the older version of DeployExpert and present a wizard.  Press Next.  To properly install, DX requires a restart of the Altiris Core services.  Click "Next" again.  

If your installation of DX is eligible and ready for upgrade, select "Upgrade." This will begin the wizards for each  component, but will not prompt for configuration installation. Once all installed component wizards complete, the upgrade is complete.

To be eligible for an upgrade of DeployExpert, two criteria must be met. First, the Auto-Update Protection date from the active license must be a future date. Second, a current functioning installation of DX must currently be installed on the server for the upgrade to proceed.

After DX has been upgraded, the Altrinsic Deployment Site Server Components will also need to be upgraded.  In Settings -> All Settings -> Deployment and Migration -> Windows , there is an Upgrade policy for the Altrinsic Deployment Site Server components.  Enable this policy, and verify that the filter is applied to all Task Servers as well as the NS itself.

Once the Task Servers have upgraded this plug-in, the DX jobs will work again.

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