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8.2. "Error 5" on Collect

"Error 5 installing package Collect.exe"
One of the more common error is this Error 5. Error 5 is a file permission error, caused when trying to delete or create files that HIIS doesn't have permissions to do. This may be due to several factors: the driver files on the client are not accessible, the share folder (\HIIS\Collect\Library\<Profile>\) is not writable from the client as it attempts to copy up the drivers, or the temporary folders were unable to be deleted from the client.

To resolve, you need to verify that the hiistemp, or the domain account you specified has adequate permisions to run collect. Then, make sure this account can copy to the express share from the client.
Also, verify that the account used (domain or local security) is still in the administrator's group on the server.

Other solutions for Error 5:
-This can also sometimes be caused by a firewall, temporarily disable it and see if collect will run.
-If the computer name in HIIS is different from the computer name in the Deployment Console, then you may get an error 5. Simply delete the computer from the Deployment Console and "Refresh Classes" in HIIS.
-Make sure the Altiris Agent is connecting to the correct ip for the DS.

Versions Affected:
All versions of HIIS

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