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1.2. Installing a Remote DX Console

Description:  Install a remote DX Console on an additional system, after DeployExpert has been initially installed.

Environment: SMP 7.1

DX version: 2.x, 3.0


To install a Remote DX Install, you must first fully configure the DX Server.  For instructions how to initially install DX, please see the related KB articles, or refer to the DeployExpert Installation and Configuration Guide.

Once DX is installed on a server and connected to a Symantec server, then you can setup additional remote DX consoles.  You can do this by running the full DeployExpert.exe installer used to setup DX.  At the components chooser, only select the DX Console component.  The installer will then prompt you for the Kernel and Logger hosts.  By default, these will say localhost, but for a remote console you must enter the full resolvable server name in this box, and verify that the chosen ports are usable from the system and are opened on the server.  The "Check Port" can verify this for you.

You will also be prompted to enter SQL credentials for this connection and to choose the DXE database from a drop-down list.

Once installed, you can open the DX Console the same way as you would from the server.  When a remote console opens, it does require a username and password.  The account you login with has to be an account that has already been granted Console Login rights from the DX Credentials interface.

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