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1.6. Reconfiguring DX


The DeployExpert jobs and policies are not accessible from the Symantec Console.  They are either missing completely, or when selected from the Symantec Navigation Tree they will not load in the web console. 



The DeployExpert program was not properly or fully configured during an installation or upgrade.



Symantec SMP 7.1


Affected Versions:

1.x, 2.0.x



Re-configure the DX Product in the Symantec Console.  This can be done by using the Symantec utility called "AeXconfig.exe".  For a default Installation of Altiris, this command would be:

C:\program files\altiris\notification server\bin\Aexconfig.exe /configure "C:\program files\altiris\deployexpert (DX)\config\DX.config"

This command would need to be altered if Altiris is installed into a different location, but the AeXconfig.exe should always be in the Notification Server directory, and the DX config files will always be in a folder called DeployExpert (DX) in the root of the Altiris install directory.

The configuration process may take several minutes.

After the configuration process is complete, restart the Altiris Object Host Service and the World Wide Publishing Service.

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