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8.8. "Error 1326" on Driver Collect

Error 1326 - Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password
The most common cause of the username/password failures, when using the domain account client credentials. If the client that you try to collect from isn't in the domain, or the trust credentials have gone stale it won't be able to authenticate and run the executable properly.

Check the client credentials in HIIS in Options -> Credentials -> Client Credentials.  Make sure the password is correct, and you may want to reset the password of this account.  Also, if you are using a domain account, verify that the client you are collecting from is on the domain.  If you are in an environment where there may be multiple domains and/or the clients you collect from are not on a domain, you may want to consider using temporary local security for the client credentials, which will simply use the AClient to create a local account.


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