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3.2. Error 1 during Harvest


The Harvest_Drivers Task in the DX Harvest Drivers job is throwing an Error 1.



The harvesting utility, DriverManager.exe, could not be accessed by the task or it could not be copied down to the client, or could not be executed on the client.



Symantec SMP 7.1


Affected Versions:




Verify that the account used by the Harvest Drivers job has access to the Deployment share of the client's task server.  The DriverManager.exe should be found in


The account will require read access on this folder to run a harvest job.

If the tools folder is missing, or the drivermanager.exe is missing, then the Altrinsic Deployment Site Server Components need to be installed or re-installed on the Task Server.


If the permissions seem to be in order, check the client to see if there are any third-party Anti-virus software or firewall services that may be halting the execution of the DriverManager.exe  If there is, add an execption for DriverManager.exe to execute on the client.

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