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4.1. DX Create Image job not rebooting to automation


The DX Create Image task does not reboot the system in automation.



If the system does not reboot, that means that it was not able to execute a Reboot to Automation task.  If the system rebooted, but did not enter automation, it is not configured properly to automation boot or the PXE server was not responding.



Symantec SMP 7.1


Affected Versions:

1.x, 2.0.x



If the system does not reboot after Sysprep, it likely means that the Altiris Deployment Solution Plug-in is missing from the client.  This Plug-in is a Symantec Plug-in that is required for any imaging job or task that requires an automation environment.  Installing this plug-in to the client should resolve this issue.  The policy for this can be found in the Symantec Management Console in

Settings -> All Settings -> Deployment and Migration -> Windows (architecture) -> Deployment Solution Plug-in Install

If the Symantec Agent on the client has this plug-in, but still was unable to reboot into automation, verify that the system is properly configured to either boot to the NIC or has an automation folder installed.  Also, verify that the PXE server for the client is properly responding and serving automation boot images.

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