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5.1. Sysprep throws a Parsing Error

Problem:  When Sysprep unseals after a DX deployment, sysprep halts with an error "Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]".

This completely ends the process and the system must be re-imaged. 


Cause:  When sysprep finds an invalid or incomplete property in the unattend file, it will throw this error.  The error should also show the invalid component as well as the pass. 




All Windows 7 deployments


Affected Versions:

1.x, 2.0.x, 3.x



The solution depends on the component that is failing.

If the component that has failed is Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup, it is likely either

If the component that has failed is Microsoft-Windows-Deployment, it is probably:

If a different component has failed, you can check the setuperr.log file on the client.  You can do this at the error by hitting Shift+F10 .
This will present a command prompt.  The setuperr file is in C:\windows\panther
This should contain a more detailed error that you can view and diagnose.
If you are getting other parsing errors, you should open the .xml file in the Windows System Image Manager, which can be found as a part of the WAIK tools.


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