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5.3. Metadata task never starts


The Metadata Task in a DX Deployment Job hangs indefinitely until it times out. 


Possible Causes:

  1. This task is attempting to access a script from the Altrinsic.TaskServerHandler,dll file on the client's task server.  If this task is not accessible, the Symantec agent will continually put this task to sleep until a timeout occurs.
  2. This task was unable to reach the connector's host.


Symantec SMP 7.1


Affected Versions:




  1. The Altrinsic Deployment Task Server Handler Agent needs to be installed on the client's Task Server.  All Task Servers in the environment need to have these handlers installed.  To install or upgrade to the latest version, you can access the policy in Settings -> All Settings -> Deployment and Migration -> Windows.
    If you believe that the correct version of the Task Server Handlers are installed, verify that the .dll is in the Global Assembly cache.  This can be found in C:\windows\assembly and the file name is 'Altrinsic.TaskServerhandler.dll' .  If the file is missing or is the wrong version, re-install the Altrinsic Task Server Handlers.  If there is an old version of the .dll alongside the correct version, simply remove the old version.
  2. The Connector config file must be edited to use the correct Connector path.  This is originally configured in the installer, but if left as "localhost" there will be an issue resolving this.  Open file "C:\program files (x86)\altrinsic\DX Connector\Altrinsic.DXE.Connector.SMP.exe.config" on the DX server in a text editor.  Search for the property called "ServiceURL" in the file and replace the string from localhost to the appropriate resolvable server name.


    <setting name="ServiceURL" serializeAs="String">

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