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6.1. Windows 7 Deployment

Windows 7 Deployment will fail if:

The injected files are copied to the wrong partition.

Make sure to change the references from prod:\...\unattend.xml to D:\...\unattend if deploying a multi partition image.

The targetpath for deploying drivers is not set to the correct partition, and the boot partition is full.

Set the target paths for the injection script loaders, and script generators properly. See the user guide (Advanced Script Path Configuration section) for more information on configuring scripts.

The image is not properly sysprepped.

Deploying an image which has not been sysprepped is very likely to fail. Also, the audit mode needs to be used. Unless you use audit mode the system will not be sealed in a way which is conducive to recognizing and properly handling new hardware types.

The unattend.xml has invalid entries.

The unattend.xml has a specific schema is must match.

%PROD_LIC% may not tokenize in a properly formatted key that works with Windows 7. If this happens, use the VLK or remove the entry completely.

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